PT-5LD & PT-7LD Series


Portable non-contact thermometer

Waterproof, shock structure model


-30.0 to 200°C


  • High accuracy of ±1°C at room temperature (PT-7LD)
  • No damage by water wash (waterproof and dustproof body)
  • Excellent shock resistance structure, no damage from fall of 1m high
  • Memory function recordable 99 points of temperature data
  • Antibacterial resin body without trouble of disinfection
  • Continuous measurement  without pressing the button
  • Silicon filter against strong radiant heat
  • Upper and lower alarm function by sound and light

Optical specifications

PT 5 7 series


PT 5 7 ld displays


Model PT-5LD PT-7LD
Temperature range 0 to 500°C -30.0 to 200°C
Display range -10 to 650°C -40 to 220°C
Optical resolution (D:S) Φ66.7mm/1000mm Φ66.7mm/1000mm
Sensing element/Spectral response Thermopile/8 to 14µm see column 1
Accuracy (ε≠0.95 0 to 200°C:±2°C / 201 to 500°C:±1% -30.0 to 0.0°C: ±3.0°C / 0.1 to 100.0°C:±1.0°C / 100.1 to 200.0°C:±2.0°C
Repeatability ±1°C of reading ±1.0°C of reading
Response time 0.7sec/90% 0.7sec/90%
Temperature resolution 1°C 0.1°C
Emissivity adjustment(ε) Dark(0.95)/ bright(0.70) selectable Hot(0.95)/ cold (0.85) selectable
Continuous measuring mode ON/OFF selectable ON/OFF selectable
Alarm functions audible and visible high/low alarm see column 1
Display back-light available available
Data logging 99 point 99 point
Display hold 15 seconds 15 seconds
Power supply AA (alkaline battery) x 1 pcs see column 1
Battery life 15 hours (with alkaline battery, max load) see column 1
Ambient temperature 0 to 50ºC 0 to 50ºC
Relative humidity 35 to 85%Rh (non-condensing) see column 1
Storage temperature -10 to 60ºC -10 to 60ºC
Protection class IP67 IP67
Sighting Laser (Class II) Laser (Class II)
Material ABS (antibacterial) ABS (antibacterial)
Dimension HxWxD=160mmx44mmx42mm 35 to 85%Rh (non-condensing) see column 1
Weight (incl battery) 200g 200g

*Specifications subject to change without notice.


PT-2 series appl 1

Electric wiring/transformer
PT-2 series appl 2

PT 2 series appl 3

PT 2 series-appl 4Motor/machine