The Optex OA-72C active infrared door sensor is specially designed for discreet ceiling installation. It performs well as activation and safety for any type of automatic door, and its large pattern can easily be adjusted to different door configurations.


The first two rows of active infrared provide presence detection, which holds the door open as long as a person or object is in the pattern, even if they stop or pause. The presence detection timer can be set to infinity. Its large detection area can be set very precisely and easy by dipswitches and levers to line up with doors and other sensor patterns, providing maximum safety.

Ceiling-mount installation

The Optex OA-72C is perfect for installation in areas where attractive appearance is important. The sensor can be mounted up to 4m (13 feet) high, making it vandalism-resistant.

Slim design

Discreet ceiling-mount design easily blends with any décor. Equipped with silver recess mount cover.

All conditions

The sensor’s advanced signal processing circuit allows it to operate reliably in many different applications and even harsh weather conditions. The large detection area can be adjusted to customize the pattern for either activation or safety applications on any type of automatic door.


Optex automatic door sensors guarantee premium performance and include a 3-year full replacement warranty.

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Model OA-72C
Cover colour Silver
Mounting height 2.0 m (6’7″)-  4.0 m (13’1″)
Detection area See detection area
Detection method Active Infrared reflection
Depth angle adjustment -15° to +10°
Width angle adjustment -10° to +10°
Power supply 12 to 24V AC (±10%) 12 – 30V DC (±10%)
Power consumption < 1.5 W (< 5 VA at AC)
LED Operation LED Green: stand-by Red: 1st Row detection Orange: 2nd-5th row detection
Output “Form C relay 50V, 0.3A max. (resistance load)
Output hold time Approx. 0.5sec
Response time < 0.3 sec
Operating temperature -20ºC – +55ºC (-4ºF – 131ºF)
Weight 320 g (11.2 oz)
  • 3 m (9’10”) connection cable
  • mounting template
  • operation manual


Mounting height A  2.20  2.50  3.00  3.50  4.00
Area depth B  0.13  0.15  0.18  0.21  0.24
Area depth C  0.37  0.43  0.51 0.60  0.69
Area depth D  0.63  0.72  0.87 1.01  1.16
Area depth E  0.93  1.06  1.28  1.49  1.71
Area depth F  1.24  1.41  1.70  1.98  2.26
Area width G  1.08  1.24  1.48  1.73  1.98
Area width H  1.65  1.88  2.25  2.63  3.00
Area width I  2.25  2.57  3.08  3.59  4.10

*The actual detection area may become smaller depending on the ambient light, the color/material of the object or the floor as well as the entry speed of the object.

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