Accurance 3D

The Accurance 3D is the new Optex sensor based on TOF (Time of Flight) technology. 20.000 points of 3D X,Y, Z data are obtained calculating the distance and position using the time of the light from the light source to reflect back to the receiver, special designed CMOS imager to get a 3D range image.

Key features and benefits

• Real time 3D mapping within the FOV
• Extraction of target in complex background, even in same color and low contrast backgrounds
• Shape, position of target, moving speed and direction
• Gesture recognition
• Ability to set virtual detecting zone(s) within protected space
• Wide FOV and selectable FOV
• SDK parameters can be adjusted to fit a variety of environments


• Next generation of user interface
• Eyes of AGV, robots
• Shape recognition for baggage
• Sensing and tracking intruders
• Human counting
• Human recognition for security, safety, etc.

How it works




Original 2D image
Range image (depth color image)
3D image

For specific information on applications for this sensor, the manual or inquiries for OEM projects, please contact us: or +31 (0)70-4194100.


Order the Accurance 3D


Model ZC-1070U (standard FOV) / ZC-1050U (narrow FOV)
FOV (Horiz./Vert./Diag.) 70° – 55° – 90° / 50° – 37° – 59°
Power supply DC 12V 3A (attached power supply)
Power consumption 15 to 20W. typ. 30W. max.
Operating temperature 32ºC to +122ºF (0ºC to +50ºC)
Pixel number 176 x 132 pixels
Light source Infrared LED (850nm)
Range 20”–13’ (0.5-4m) (see note* below)
Standard deviation of range X,Y axis: ±5%; Z axis: ±2%
Operating illuminance 100,000 Lux
Modulation frequency 20MHz (20/30 MHz: long range mode)
Emission FCC class A; CE class A
Frame rate 60 fps max.
Weight Less than 22 oz. (600g)
Mounting Camera mount 1/4 inch screw
Operating OS on PC Windows XP SP2 or later; Win. 7 (32 bit)
Software development Visual C++
Interface USB 2.0
Output format of range image B,Z,X,Y (16 bit each); B,Z (16 bit each)
*Note: Performance depends on operating environment and setting mode. The Accurance 3D is not waterproof. Specifications subject to change without notice