RX Core

Providing digital quantification of infrared energy, RX-CORE enhances accuracy in both human detectability and pet immunity.


High performance PIR indoor presence and intrusion sensor for high-end residential and light commercial application. The FMX series features Plug-in End of Line Unit (PEU) for easier and quicker installation.


CDX series uses AIR technology to detect masking. To realize a stable performance, CDX series differentiate between true masking and other masking caused by environmental changes such as dust/dirt adhesion, temperature changes and direct light by optimizing it's sensitivity.


The unique "Zoom" mechanism and the highly dense, triple element detection pattern, provide unsurpassed detection performance at any ceiling height up to 16 feet! This makes the SX-360Z the most flexible detector available.

Red Scan Mini

The RLS2020I helps protect assets, equipment, walls and ceilings by creating an invisible laser wall and detecting any intrusion breaching it. Its compact, cosmetic and versatile design makes it very easy to install and covers many different configurations.

AX (wired)

The best short range photoelectric detector. AX-TN/TF (wired) series is a compact photoelectric detector with the "IP65 high durability" and "stable detection performance". These features reduce alarms drastiaclly caused by outdoor environmental changes and provide a wide range of applications.

AX (wireless)

The AX-100/200TFR (wireless) is a revolution in the perimeter security industry and offers the advantages of wiresless photoelectric detector at low installation costs. The installation is quick and easy installation,and the location flexbible.


The REDWALL RLS-3060 series is an innovative laser scan detector. It can detect an moving object's size, speed and distance from the detector and process that information with a unique algorithm, which results in high reliability detection with minimal false alarms.