Preventing skylights from creating access points for intruders

In order to allow more natural light to enter buildings such as modern offices, shopping malls and museums, glass ceilings and skylights have become increasingly popular.

These attractive design features can unfortunately create an easier way for intruders to access a building, often missed by the security systems. We have seen a rising demand from our customers to protect their premises against intruders entering from the roof. Intruders can take advantage of flat roofs by using air conditioning units and skylights as a form of shelter, making it more difficult for them to be identified. Intruders can carefully plan their break in, and can get closer to valuable assets by entering through a skylight. Our 2D LiDAR,  RLS-2020 provides a perfect solution for protecting skylights providing a high-density detection that not only detects people but also objects and material being dropped down.

When connected to a dome camera, the area of intrusion can trigger the correct camera preset to give the best visual evidence of the event.