Company Profile

Optex Technologies B.V. is the Dutch subsidiary company of Japanese company Optex Co. Ltd. From our office, located in The Hague The Netherlands, the company is responsible for the sales, marketing, distribution and technical assistance of the Optex products from the Entrance Division and the Temperature Measurement Division in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Since 2014 Optex Technologies is also in charge of the Security Division for the BeNeLux countries.

Our goal is to supply the ultimate sensor for each type of automatic application. In pursuit of achieving this goal, the friendly and long-term relationships with various manufactures and distributors around Europe play a key role. Moreover, is the Optex team, which consists of our solid R&D and sales teams, fast and accurate distribution office and dedicated financial and marketing departments, committed to supply our clients with the best and most reliable products available.


To ensure that standards of safety, quality, reliability and service are met, we stay in touch with these branch organisations: