The latest news items of Optex entrance solutions are displayed in below.

New in our accessory range: the CleanSwitch

The CleanSwitch is a new accessory in the Optex range. Specifically designed for buildings with a strict hygienic requirements such as hospitals and caterers,  it activates doors using a contact-free method – a deliberate gesture made by the user – and otherwise keeps doors closed.

Optex and BBC Bircher mutually presented new innovations at BAU 2019

At BAU 2019, BBC Bircher Smart Access and Optex Co. Ltd. mutually present some of their latest innovations, with the brand-new industrial door combination sensor "OAM-Explorer" from Optex and the BBC Bircher design prize awarded, contact-free switch “CleanSwitch”.

Visit us at BAU 2019

It is time again for the world's leading trade show for Architecture, Materials and Systems in the construction industry; BAU 2019

July News

Introducing our new colleagues, holiday season and others

Product launch @ Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018!

We are excited to share with you that we’ll be introducing our complete new range of vehicle detection sensors at the Intertraffic 2018! For more information on this new line of sensors please visit our website.

We look forward to great you in booth 07.129 at the Intertraffic!

Thank you for your visit during the R+T 2018!

The R+T 2018 was a reintroduction for us to this trade show, and we were not disappointed. We’ve welcomed many visitors, poured more cups of coffee than we could count and shook a great deal of hands. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to visit us!

R + T 2018

Come and visit us during the R + T 2018 at hall 10 booth 10A17

Our job openings are filled!

We are very delighted to inform you that our job openings of After sales & Technical Support Engineers will be filled as from the 1st of December and the 2nd of January 2018.

OA-Flex T (AIR)

At BAU 2017 we introduced the latest innovation to join the range of Optex EN-16005 compliant sensors; the OA-Flex T.

The best BAU ever

From January 16th-21st BAU 2017 took place in Munich. BAU, the World’s leading fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems, prolonged its reputation as the must trade fair visit for the construction market. Records were broken with over 250,000 people roaming fair grounds and never have this many companies exhibited at BAU.

Introducing our new colleague

We are delighted to introduce Chrispijn in den Bosch, OPTEX’s new Area Sales Manager for the security portfolio for the Benelux region, who started last month.

New: OA-Presence TN

New qualifications, more advantages and user friendly. Those are keywords that describe the OA-Presence TN, successor of the OA- Presence T, best.

New office; we are moved!

Optex is on a roll! With our business expanding and new opportunities arising it was decided to move Optex into an office building that is better equipped to support future ambitions and growth expectations.

Warehouse facility

The office space is almost finalized and now we start to concentrate on the new warehouse facilities.

Training room facility

Due to the increased space we are also improving and enlarging our training and demonstration facilities.

Easy installation with the RC-Swing

In close collaboration with agta record’s head office, Optex has developed a special OEM version of the popular OA-Edge T revolving door security sensor. As such, the sensor, the RC-Swing, meets the specific requirements of the record and combines years of experience with record automatic doors with all of Optex’ knowledge and experience in the field of security sensors.

OA-Axis T upgrade

Our aim is to provide our customers with products of the highest quality. That is why we are pleased to announce that our OA-Axis T was recently upgraded.

On all our OA-Axis T sensors that start with production batch number 1513, the function switch will be replaced with a function push button. →

Following the release of our new website design last summer, January 1st 2015 marked the commissioning date for the new extension of the Optex website and email. has become, and all email addresses have changed from ‘.nl’ into ‘.eu’.

OA-Edge T software update

It is our purpose to deliver the best possible product, and to provide customers with the best possible support. Therefore, we have recently updated the Optex OA-Edge T with new and TÜV approved software. Your OA-Edge T will now function better than ever before!

Facebook and Twitter

Did you know that, besides the Optex website, you can also reach Optex on Twitter or Facebook? We’re happy to answer your questions and provide you with information through these media outlets. Feel free to look around on our social media channels!

Website update

Following months of development, it was finally time to reveal the renewed look and feel of the Optex website on August 18th. The redesign is the result of the growing wish to improve the usability of the websites interface on mobile devices.

Welcome to Optex!

Optex is the preferred supplier for Entrance detection systems. Our portfolio includes safety and activation solutions for automatic Swing, Sliding, and Revolving doors, as well as products for Secured Entry and Industrial door applications. 

New! The preassembled Optex OA-Edge T

It is with pride, we can share with you today that the Optex OA- Edge T, swing door safety, is on the up and up in the automatic door market. Its reliability, the easy installment and the competitive price all contribute to the current success.

New! The Optex installation movies

Manuals often offer a solution, and the technical support is only a phone call away, but for the extra support Optex introduces the ‘Optex first aid kit’.

Built in bracket OA-Axis & OAM-Dual series

Also new in the Optex accessories assortment is the built in bracket. The built-in bracket is simple to integrate in ceiling or operator, making the sensor blend in with its surroundings, while fulfilling its task. Now, the clean lines of your ceiling or operator are preserved and you experience the comfort and security of the sensor.

EN 16005-six months later

Since April 10th, it is mandatory for all new installations to comply with the new EN 16005 regulations.

FprEN 16361

In July 2013 the FprEN 16361 standard has received positive votes from the member states. The transition period for this new standard will be 24 months from the date of official publication by CEN.

OA-Edge T

Since the EN 16005 officially came into force, demand for the solid quality, reliability and certainty of EN 16005 certified products, such as the OA-Edge T, has increased drastically.

AR tool

During BAU 2013 Augmented Reality enabled us to visualize the operation of our sensors to a broad audience.

Digital brochure

Our digital brochure was specially developed for mobile devices, enabling you to browse through the brochure at any given moment.

Social Buzz

Follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook for news, interesting articles and more. See you there!


EN 16005

On April 10th new EN 16005 regulations come into force.

Uni-directional OA-Axis T

The Optex OA-Axis T active infrared activation and safety sensor has been upgraded with a uni/bi-directional function.


Earlier this year Optex introduced the new OAM-Dual series. This sensor is based on a combination of active infrared and microwave technology, and provides safety around the door and in the threshold. A comfortable opening of the door is guaranteed by the redundant microwave, which why the OAM-Dual TV and TF can be used on escape routes.

BAU 2013

This coming January the worlds leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems, BAU 2013, takes place in Munich, Germany. From January 14th until January 19th thousands of visitors will roam the fair grounds where hundreds of exhibitors showcase their products, solutions and innovations.

TOF (Time of Flight)

The ZC-1000 is the new Optex sensor based on time of flight technology. 20.000 points of 3D,X,Y,Z data are obtained calculating the distance and positionof an object using time of the light to reflect back to the retriever; a special designed CMOS imager to get a 3D range.

Impact regulations

New European regulations FprEN16005 for ‘Power operated pedestrian door sets – Safety in use – Requirements and test methods’ have been approved during July 2012. A majority of CEN-countries have voted in favor of and declared to adapt this new European regulation.

New OA-72

Hereby we can already announce that Optex expects start of the year 2013 with the launch of a new product: the OA-72C. This infrared door sensor is specially designed for discreet ceiling installation, and replaces the OA-70C. It performs activation and safety for any type of automatic door, and its large pattern can easily be adjusted to different door configurations.

New: OAM-DUAL series

A new sensor based on a combination of active infrared and microwave technology.

Opening German office

Optex Technologies B.V. announces the opening of a new office in Germany. Next to this we are also happy to introduce our new colleague who will be working this office: Anton 'Toni" Brandmaier.

New wireless push button

Optex has improved the successful wireless push button TX- 460.

Digital orders

All your orders can be send to us in a digital format.

New website

On the first of November this year the redesign of our website will go live!

Digital newsletter

We changed the layout of the digital version of our Newsletter.

OA-Presence T

The official name of the OA-Presence 2 will change into OA-Presence T.

Name change: OA-Presence 2 will become OA-Presence T

In addition to our other prEN16005 complying sensors we will change the name of the current OA Presence 2 into the OA-Presence T. Technically the sensor remains the same.

The change will take place automatically.

The Palossie by Optex

Based on camera technology Optex showed the Giken Trastem People counting system.

Optex at the BAU 2011

The BAU 2011 exhibition, which was held last January in Munich Germany, was a large success both for the organization as for Optex.

The Optex OA-Edge series

At BAU Optex showed the new safety sensor for swing doors the OA-Edge.

The Optex TOF

For some years Optex R & D is working on TOF (Time of Flight) technology.

New accessories

In order to offer you solutions for comfortable and flexible installation, we’ve initiated the introduction of the following new accessories.

Email newsletter

Next to our paper newsletter we offer our clients also our newsletter via email.

New product: OM-105/106C

We are proud to announce the new Optex radars series: OM-105C (bi-directional) and OM-106C (uni/bi-directional).

Industrial door sensors : OA-4500/6500

Optex increases their product portfolio by introducing two new industrial door sensors; the Optex OA-4500 and the Optex OA-6500.

OV-101 (new anti tailgating product)

The new OV-101 MonoCamera system is specially designed and developed for manual and/or automatic entrances in order to increase the security level and to prevent tailgating.

Product changes

We would like to inform you about an important change within our product range.

Transmitters and receivers

Since many years Optex offers a variety of transmitters and receivers.


Optex produced an interactive ‘tool’ which we call: flashtool.

Optex OS-12C safety beam

Towards the end of the year all Optex safety beams type OS-12C will have an output modification.

Door sensor training

Optex offers to all their customers a door sensor training.

Presence detection

Optex introduces the OA-Presence T a 1 row safety sensor for presence detection.

Industrial door sensors

Optex is about to introduce 2 new products for industrial door activation and safety the Optex OA-4500 and the OA-6500.

Successful introduction of the OA-Axis series

At the end of 2008 Optex introduced the OA-Axis series to the market. The OA-Axis series were officially launched early January of this year at the BAU exposition in Munich.

New Optex sensors with TÜV certificate

The Optex OA-Axis series creates a new standard for automatic door sensors used on sliding doors based on active infrared technique.

New sensor for side screen safety

We are very happy to inform you that, next to the current version, we can also offer an upgraded version: The OA-Presence 2.

Optex at Equip’Baie in Paris

From November 18. till 21. Optex presented a booth during the Equip’Baie exhibition in Paris.

BAU Munich January 2009

Optex will present its wide range of automatic door sensors including the new range of TüV approved sensors at the BAU exhibition in Munich, Germany this January.

New certified active infrared sensor

During the 4th quarter of 2008 Optex will introduce the worlds first certified motion and safety sliding door sensor, completely based on Active Infrared Technique.

New colleague

As an Optex company, we are growing and benefit from the closer liaisons with our partners and headquarters.

Equip’baie exhibition

Optex will present its wide range of automatic door sensors at the Equi’baie exhibition in Paris, France this November.

New OT-3 push button

Since many years we supply the Optex push pads to the automatic door market.

Video conference system

Our new meeting room has now been equipped with a video conference system.

New VAT number

Please note that our VAT number has been changed as from 1 March 2008. The new number is NL8019.42.299B.01.

Optex MonoVision sensor

In succession of the SteroVision camera sensor, a MonoVision camera sensor has been developed.

Optex OA-70C at the Olympic Stadion in China

The company Mira showers, based in the UK, was selected for the installation of their automatic pre-wash shower sy-stems in the new Beijing Olympic swimming complex, also named “Water Cube”, ahead of this year’s Olympic Games.